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Curiculum Vitae

Name: Johan Söderberg 
Born: 1976
Nationality: Swedish


Ph.D. Science and Technology Studies, Göteborgs Universitet, Sweden,

BA Illustration, Falmouth College of Arts, UK, 1999­–2002.

BA Science and Technology Studies, Lunds Universitet, Sweden, 1996–­1999.


Free Software to Open Hardware – Critical Theory on the Frontiers of Hacking, avhandling, 2011.

Allt Mitt är Ditt – Fildelning, Upphovsrätt, Försörjning, Atlas Förlag, 2008.

Hacking Capital.ism – The Free and Open Source Software Movement, Routledge, 2007.

Peer­reviewed articles

“The genealogy of empirical post-structuralist STS, retold in two conjunctures: The legacy of Hegel and Althusser.” Science as Culture pre-print.

“The Cloud Factory: Making things and making a living with desktop 3d printing” Culture and Organization, pre-print.

“Automating amateurs in the 3D printing community – connecting the dots between deskilling and user-friendliness” Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation, 7 (1), 2013.

“Determining social change: The role of technological determinism in the collective action framing of hackers” New Media & Society, 15 (8) 2013.

“Free Space Optics in the Czech wireless community­ Shedding some light on the role of normativity for user­initiated innovations” Science, Technology & Human Values, 36 (4) 2011.

“When all that is theory melts into (hot) air – Contrasts and parallells between Actor Network Theory, Autonomist Marxism and Open Marxism” Ephemera – Theory & Politics in Organization, 10 (2) 2010, co author Adam Netzen.

“Reconstructivism versus critical theory of technology: Alternative perspectives on activism and entrepreneurship in the Czech wireless community” Social Epistemology, 24 (4) 2010, pp. 241­264.

“Misuser inventions and the invention of the misuser – hackers, crackers, filesharers”, Science as Culture, 19 (2) 2010, pp. 151­179.

”Hacking as labour struggle”, Capital & Class, spring 97, 2009, co­author George Dafermos.

”Long wave theory and information technologies”, Technovation 25, 2005, pp. 203­211, co­author Bo Göransson.

”Copyleft vs. copyright”, First Monday, Mars 2002.

Book chapters

“DIY Research in the Psychonaut Subculture: A Case of Unwanted User Innovation”, in: (eds.) Sampsa Hyysalo, Torben Elgaard & Nelly Oudshoorn. The New Production of Users Routledge, 2016.

“Distributed innovation in the Shenzen-Schumpeter innovation state”. The Decentralised and Networked Future of Value Creation, Springer Verlag.

“Users in the dark - The development of a user-controlled technology in the Czech wireless network community”, in: (eds.) Albert Gerard & Ruth Oldenziel, Hacking Europe – From Computer Cultures to Demoscenes,  Springer Verlag, 2014.

“The Cunning of Instrumental Reason: Reproducing Wealth, One 3d-Printer at a Time” Book of Peer Production, NSU Press, 2014.

“¡Hackers GNUníos!”, in: (ed.) Nicolás Raynold, En Defensa del Software Libre, 2010, (translation: Nicolás Raynold).

“Var så god att älska det immateriellrättsliga ägandet också!”, in: (eds.) Jonas Andersson & Pelle Snickars, Efter The Pirate Bay, Kungliga Biblioteket, 2010.

”Hackers GNUnited”, in: (ed.) Stian Eide,  Free Beer,  Lulu, 2009.

Other articles

”Illusoire émancipation par la technologie”,  Le Monde Diplomatique,  January 2013.

“Kolbaserat liv självantänder, förmedlat via ett (mycket kort) mellanspel av rationalitet”,  Paletten,  (1) 2, 2013.

“How open hardware drives digital fabrication tools such as the 3D printer”, Internet Review Policy, June 18th, 2013.

”Introduction”, editor's introduction in a special issue on Bio- and Hardware Hacking, Journal of Peer Production, July 2012, co-author Alessandro Delfanti.

”Atoms want to be free too! Expanding the critique of intellectual property to physical goods”, TripleC, 1 (10) 2012, co-author Adel Daoud.

”Hackers – En Klass för Sig”,  Fronesis, 31/2009.

”Hackers”, book review,  Acta Sociologica,  March 2009, vol 52: 88­90.

”Frihet Under Övervakning”, Stockholms Fria,  December 2007.
”Klass i Kunskapsfabriken”,  Fronesis,  21/2006.

”Kulturarbetarens Död”,  Ord & Bild,  2­3/2005.

”Immateriell Lagstiftning”, Fronesis,  14­15/2004.

Other academic merits

Founding Member of the peer-­reviewed Journal of Peer Production

Member of the editorial board of the peer-­reviewed journal Triple­C

Member of the editorial board of the peer-­reviewed journal Science as Culture

Member of the editorial board of the peer-­reviewed journal Engaging Science, Technology and Societies

Fellow at Centre For Theoretical Studies, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, 2008­–2009

Fellow at Sciences, Philosophies et Sociétés, Fundp, Namur, 2009–­2010.

Fellow at Centre Interuniversitaire de Recherche sur la Science et la Technologogie , Montreal, Quebec, 2014.